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Following Govt. regulations and GolfRSA's hard fought recommendations, guidlines and directives - we have put together the following steps to ensure everyone's safety. We urge everybody to go above and beyond in maintaining hygenine, social distancing and consideration for staff and fellow golfers - locals and visitors alike.
If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to just talk to us. You can also email us on:

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Limited essential access. Masks at all time and social distancing. Golfer is responsible for santising and handling of own equipment.

• All staff, membership and visitors are temperature screened and details recorded at the Clubhouse entrance.
• Hand sanitisers provided at all areas.
1 person at a time in Pro Shop.
• 1 person per sanitised golf cart.***
1 x 4-ball at arrival • 1 x 4-ball on practice green • 1 x 4-ball on tee-off.


All the items on and around the course.

• All rakes, ball washers, drinking fountains, benches and bins have been removed or 'not for use'. • Flagsticks are not to be touched and sponge has been wrapped around the base of all flagsticks - inside the 'hole' to ensure no-touch ease of use.
• Spotters are recommended. Caddie  may be used. Sanitize the bag BEFORE and AFTER the round (especially strap and handles).


Halfway, scoring and gathering.

• Order your halfway meal before you tee-off. • Take away kitchen service is fully operational. • Alcohol is permitted for on-site consumption. Strict adherence to the curfew - 23h00 to 04h00. Golf Course Closed on Mondays except for public and school holidays. • Scoring strictly - no exchange of scorecards - use HNA APP only. • The number of people  gathering must not exceed 50% of its normal capacity.


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Winter course holding up beautifully.

Your round of golf at The Clarens Golf Estate begins at the stylish clubhouse, strategically positioned to view the finish of both nines.
The course is closed on Mondays.


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Our new events centre caters for small, intimate board meetings to functions up to 100 people. Our dedicated teams aim to please and ensure that folks leave with a memory of the quiet life here in Clarens.


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Clarens is renowned for its art scene and the town hosts a range of interesting shops, restaurants, leisure and country life experiences, for any energetic or relaxing visitor.


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From all of us here at the Clarens - we wish you a wonderful, safe and happy festive season. There is a lot of news to bring you in this newsletter. Starting with acknowledgment and huge gratitude to all the staff and new green keeper who looked after the golf course during COVID 19 lock-down earlier in the year.

For months a dedicated skeleton staff continued to cut and manicure The Claren’s greens and grounds. We are convinced that the break the greens received for that period have been beneficial and played a role in the incredible condition we now find them. Winter, as usual provided us with a huge work load on the course, starting with an exerted effort to clear the reeds throughout the waterways of the golf course. Watching the skill involved in cutting down reeds from the bow of a little boat is quite a marvel.

Talking of clearing - the Rabinia alien plant species in the North Eastern corner of the Estate, has, throughout the year and still is, being constantly monitored with regular follow ups.

Golfers across South Africa came back to the fairways on 13th June after months of lock-down. The Clarens has seen unprecedented numbers of golfing members and visitors return to our beautiful little village and golf course in the last six months, which has allowed us to meet all our financial responsibilities and continue to upkeep and improve our “little gem” of a golf course and estate.

With good rains in early November the golf course started flourishing and we were honoured to host a number of tournaments starting with the US Kids Golf Tournament on the 14th November. This was a breakaway tournament, to ‘test-out’ our course aimed at junior golfers between 8 and 18 years of age. This is a tournament that is played in - up to 187 locations around the world on the same day. All data and details are computerised and the golf course is measured out for the different age groups - encouraging the youngsters to play ‘par’ and ‘birdie’ golf. There was an incredible turnout of talented and enthusiastic golfers along with their families and friends. A week later, the Andrew Mlangeni Charity Golf and Inter-provincial Golf Day was held to celebrate the life and times of Mr Andrew Mlangeni, born and schooled in Bethlehem. He later managed to complete Matric through correspondence from Robben Island through Rapid Results College as well as BA (Public Administration) in 1979 and BA(Hons) in Political Science in 1983 with UNISA, obtaining the latter cum laude. Two days of immaculate golf were on display by the Free State and Northern Cape Academies of Sport golfers. Twenty four of the provinces best golfers played two days of incredible golf and enjoyed the festivities of a gala evening and golf clinic for development up and coming young golfers.

Another week later The Clarens hosted the VKB Grain Fields Golf day. A yearly golf tournament that was grateful to be held under the cloud of COVID 19. An opportunity for all involved to let their hair down a bit in the mountains of the Eastern Free State. The events centre has been flat-out busy as well, even with a reduced capacity - everything from birthday celebrations to community meetings have been held to The Claren’s high standards.

With the formulation of Advisory Committees on both the Estate and Golfing side of the aisle. The Clarens is ensuring that it is keeping up with the growth and needs of this ever expanding business, made up from members and homeowners, clear guidelines and parameters are being set with good co-operation and positive results across the board.

With COVID 19 surging again at this time, we ask everybody to remain vigilant and continue to comply with the basic regulations of wearing a mask at all times, hand sanitisation and especially social distancing. A reminder that the curfew of 23h00 to 04h00 will be strictly enforced at the entrance to the Estate during the holiday season and beyond. We are closed on Christmas Day and will be closing early - 15h00 on the 31st December and will be open for a quiet brunch on the 1st January at 9h00. In-between we look forward to seeing you all in the club-house or on the fairways.

The rains were slow to start this summer in Clarens, but over the past three or four weeks there have been days with wonderful mountain thunderstorms as well as long periods of gentle drizzle. All of it very welcome - and speaking of welcome there has been some additions to assist our visitors to the Estate - in the form of new EXIT signs at all the intersections on the roads of the Estate. Continuing the sandstone theme, these signs have been carved out of sandstone and strategically placed, helping with navigation on the Estate.

Another new addition situated just inside the entrance to the Estate is a simple large map, showing all the necessary details and directions for the visitors convenience.

Following up on the massive task of clearing the alien plant life on the western side of the Estate, there has been a solid effort in eradicating the Black Locust, commonly known as Robinia (Robinia pseudoacacia L.), also know as false acacia is a member of the Pea family (Fabaceae). A salt solution has been used to gain control of this area.. The wood that has been cut down has been “chipped” and constant follow-up of cutting and applying solution has seen excellent results.

There were a number of Villas that were completed earlier this year, as winter being the optimal time to build with it’s consistently dry and cool weather conditions. With a couple of Villas still under construction, we are proud to announce that there are now ten permanent residents living on the Estate.

On the golfing side of things there have been continual improvements and alterations, with the ninth green-side bunker being filled in, much to the glee of the golfing membership. This is just a part of the ongoing programme to improve and upgrade the bunkers throughout the course.

With the rains arriving so late this year, there was considerable effort and individual care taken of the numerous new trees that have been planted throughout the golf course over the past couple of years. This watering and fertilizing effort is showing results now, with the December afternoon rains in full swing.

The yearly signature golf tournament - The Thabo Mofutsanyana Amateur Open - The Clarens Open was held over the first weekend in December with great success, as a field of 105 players from under 11’s through to Super Seniors came from all over the Free State. A very hot weekend of 54 holes of stroke-play golf was endured and thoroughly enjoyed by all participants with the incredible duo of Franco Froneman and his dad Jaco Froneman taking The Clarens Open Championship and the Senior Championship respectively. Outstanding, consistent golf from the Froneman family - once again, huge congratulations and hope to see you next year.

In further news, we are closed on Christmas Day and will be closing early - 14h00 on the 31st December and will be open for a quiet brunch on the 1st January at 9h00.

USGA, R&A release World Handicap System details, target 2020 debut.

Golf will soon be getting a unified handicap system. The U.S. Golf Association and R&A announced details for the proposed World Handicap System, which would provide golfers everywhere with a consistent measure of playing ability. The World Handicap System is designed to encourage all golfers to carry a handicap, enable golfers of differing abilities, genders and nationalities to transport their handicap to any course globally and indicate with sufficient accuracy the score a golfer is reasonably capable of achieving on any course around the world, playing under normal conditions. Currently, there are six different handicapping authorities: the USGA, Golf Australia, Council of National Golf Unions, European Golf Association, South African Golf Association and Argentine Golf Association. Under the proposal, the new system will be governed by the USGA and R&A and administered locally by national associations around the world and the six existing authorities, which represent approximately 15 million golfers in 80 countries who currently maintain a handicap.

Details of a few additional local rules at The Clarens Golf & Leisure Estate will be forthcoming in the new year. Watch this space.

It's been a busy winter at the Clarens Golf & Leisure Estate, from high flying balloonists to low waddling new arrivals - Muscovy ducks. Muscovy ducks are not related to any other duck, in fact some believe they are decended from geese rather than ducks.

They originate from South America where their name is believed to come from their insatiable appetite for mosquito's and their larvae. They also have a penchant for flies, small slugs, snails and even frogs & newts. Quite tame and enjoying their new home on the dam in front of the Club House. 

Winter time on the Estate is the time for maintanance and upgrading. Planting new aloes at the entrance to the Estate to replacing 33 new conifers at the Maze Folly. 

Public rest spots along the hiking trail are in the process of getting attention with a fresh coat of varnish on the wooden units.

Winter is also the perfect time to clear the brush on the empty plots on the Estate and 

while an on-going task, is helped by the fact 

that there is a constant and steady flow of new villas been built throughout the Estate.

The addition of retaining walls in the form

of gabians at the Estates reservior site was completed a month or so ago.

One can't help noticing the huge task of clearing the alien plant life on the western edge of the Estate. Black Locust, commonly known as Robinia (Robinia pseudoacacia L.). Also know as false acacia is a member of the Pea family (Fabaceae).

Black locust is a shade intolerant species and therefore is typical of young woodlands and disturbed areas where sunlight is plentiful and the soil is dry.

In this sense, black locust can often grow as a weed tree. It also often spreads by underground shoots or suckers which contribute to the weedy character of this species. The clonal pattern of growth and connected roots are promoted for erosion control. In South Africa, it is regarded as a weed because of its habit suckering. 

Reeds in the dams on the golf course are also being cut down, a huge team effort and a tricky, cold job at the best of times. A necessary on-going yearly job and always a relief to wayward golfers.

The Springbok and Impala on the course have increased in numbers substantially over the last season. They seem to have settled very well, getting used to golfers buzzing around on their grazing grounds and gaining status with visitors asking after them.

On a lighter note, The Clarens Golf & Leisure Estate has been busy entertaining birthday and wedding guests in both the events centre as well as in the warm and cosy Club House.

On the golfing front, winter has not deterred the avid golfer with visitors travelling from far afield and enthusiastically braving the early morning frost to challenge The Clarens Winter Course. All reports - from groups of visiting Pro's to weekend golfers have stated that they have thoroughly enjoyed the course, with particular fondness to the state of the greens.